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Birth Stories,

Carin Pires

Liam, born 4 October 2012

I received him in my hand and as soon as this little ray of light came

into the room our lives changed forever.  Simon announced we had a

gorgeous baby boy.  No crying , no fuss, a calm baby came to my arms

and eyes wide open started staring at mum and dad. A very calm and very alert baby....

A curious one is of the visualization I used for birthing my baby. The rose blossom picture never really worked for me, not sure

why, but only a couple of surges before Liam was born I visualized our baby coming from a sea shell, the same sea shell we pick up in ‘Surge of the Sea’. I visualized him turning around and coming from inside that sea shell…I’m sure at that time I didn’t think that that

was really what was happening, Liam was turning inside me and coming out in spiral…

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Henry, born 9 May 2014


"...After a couple of minutes the midwife asked me if she could have a look to see if something was actually happening down there. Ok, no worries. I just want to go home to my busy day.
I heard the midwife telling the midwife student ” I can’t check anything, just get me a wheel chair”.
Great, I though! I’m going home! If she can’t check anything means there’s nothing to be checked!
I asked her … So I’m going home? Nothing happening right?
Answer: “no honey, you’re going straight to the birthing suit. I can’t check any dilation because the baby’s head is here!”

Shock! Total shock!
I left home with my phone and sunglasses!
My husband was outside playing with Liam.

Oh dear!..."

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Ryan, born 31 December 2017


"...Started to be a bit on edge from that day onward, just hormones kicking in.

Almost on the last day of 2017 and I was feeling on top of the world and making plans to see the fireworks in the city with my family. I’m such a sucker for fireworks!!! As soon as I booked a car park, I felt the first surge!

I couldn’t believe it! It never happened before!

I felt a surge!!!!

During the whole day they came and went, and I welcomed them with a silly face and an open heart. I was going to meet my baby soon! And this time I knew it!!!!..."

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