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Henry, 9 May 2014

My guess date changed a fair bit through the pregnancy. First 25th may, then 23rd and finally 20th of May.
My first baby came exactly a week earlier than expected so I was kind of expecting this one to come a bit early as well but nothing was showing that that would happen.
Early in the week, on Monday, I had some really annoying cramps through the night. Just pretty standard period cramps that went away after a good sleep – well not such a good sleep as this time I was already as big as full term with Liam, our first, around my 30 weeks.
Ok, Monday had these silly cramps and then they went away.
Full on week ahead!!!
So much to do – why do we so this to ourselves?!
We moved 6 weeks ago and so but so much to be done still and Friday was my cut off date to have everything ready. Had my tv wall bracket installation scheduled for 9am, capsule to be installed in the car at 12 and my mums group gathering at my new place at 2pm.
After this full on day my plan was just to seat and wait for the baby.
Oh and my pregnancy photos scheduled for sat morning, and hairdresser for Tuesday… I can still go on….but all the hard work was to be finished on Friday.

Thursday night I bored to my very soul…Liam was in bed early and Simon was working late.
What to do?! I know what a 38week pregnant lady can easily do! Assembling the dinner table chairs! All 6 of them, lol!
Around 9 pm started having those silly cramps again. Earlier in the day had an OB appointment and all was good. I had a lot of clear normal discharge during that week and had a check to see if was not leaking liquid. All was good, all was super closed, no signs at all that the baby could come early. So silly cramps it is...

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Historias de Sucesso

Partilho convosco algumas historias de sucesso usando as tecnicas de Hypnobirhting.

Todas estas maes frequentaram o Curso Pre Natal de Hypnobirthing Australia comigo em 2012 e que esta agora disponivel online.

Os testemunhos que vos dou a conhecer aqui fazem parte de uma grande coleccao de boas memorias que a Hypnobirthing Australia ja dispoe. 

Para mais testemunhos clicar aqui.

Sendo a Australia um pais enorme foi craido um curso online para os futuros pais que se encontravam fora das localidades onde o curso esta a ser lecionado.

Para saberem mais sobre este programa online cliquem aqui.

O programa esta ainda so disponivel em Ingles e a partir da Australia. 

Em breve tambem estara disponivel online e em Portugues.

Elijah 6 October 2012

On Friday 5th October 2012 I visited the obstetrician at 3.30pm for my 39 + 4 week check up. I told her I had lost my appetite the last couple of days and couldn’t feel the baby move as much. She told me these were old wives tales for pre birth signs. Baby was all good and only 3/5 engaged so no need to expect birth anytime soon.

At 2.30am on Saturday 6th October 2012 I woke with a strange feeling in my stomach and I felt like I needed to go to the toilet. Nothing happened on the toilet so I drank some peppermint tea while doing a crossword and eating almonds to settle my stomach. After about an hour of this I realised the cramps were coming and going, so I started writing down the time whenever the cramps started. By 4am the cramps were 5-10 minutes apart and only lasting a minute. Then it dawned on me that I could be in labour. The cramps were only in my pelvic region though, not like Braxton Hicks at all which I had felt across my entire belly during pregnancy. I woke Josh up and told him to pack a bag – I have never seen him so alert so quickly. Josh phoned the Mater pregnancy assessment unit and they confirmed that I was most likely in early labour and to stay at home and be comfortable as long as possible. My bowels emptied and I continued to write down times and breathe through each cramp, in between...

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Liam 4 October 2012

We have a baby boy!

I didn’t even had time to read your last email, as little Liam decided to

arrive on Thursday the 4th of October at 6.17am. It was the best thing that ever happened to me!

And the birth, even though didn’t go as I imagined it so many times in my head, was the best birth possible and I can’t imagine it being better than it was.

It is just 3 days since we welcomed Liam in this world and I’m still

euphoric about it.

It is an hilarious story!!!!

My membranes broke on Wednesday early morning, but I didn’t really

take any notice. I thought it was a simple discharge.

I had a bit of cramping all day but again didn’t take much notice.

I spent the day lazing around the pool and even planned to go to hairdresser in the afternoon I asked a friend to drive me there ” as I was not that comfortable driving anymore…(Glad I only had a cut and blow-dry or the hairdresser would be in trouble…Lol )

As soon as I arrived home at 7:30pm, the annoying cramping became stronger.

I still had dinner and was in total denial that Liam was actually

coming sooner...

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